1. What happens with my photos after my measurements are captured?

Fitnonce does not retain the pictures we process to extract your measurements from. Once your measurements are extracted, those images serve no further purpose and are deleted from our server so there is no need to be concerned about the privacy of those images.

2. Why do I need to hold my credit card or atm card while taking the photos?

If you have another plastic card in your wallet that’s exactly the same size as a credit/debit card you may use that instead. We need you to hold an item with known dimensions while taking the photos so that we can use that item as a reference object to help calibrate your camera to measure more accurately. A bank card is the easiest choice as we needed an object that is the exact same size in every country and that every user will have readily available.

3. Do I need to be concerned about the security of my credit card information?

Not if the instructions on how to hold is followed. We ask that you block card numbers with your fingers or a strip of paper while holding the card. We only need you to ensure that all 4 edges of the card are clearly visible.

4. What is the Fitnonce card?

The Fitnonce card is a plastic card the size of a standard credit or debit card. We give them out at promotional events.

5. Why do I keep getting an error message of card not detected?

This means that all 4 edges and corners of the card are not easily detectable and is usually caused either by taking the photos in poor lighting or the color of the card blending in with the color of the background of the photo. Please ensure that in both the front profile and side profile pic there is some contrast between the color of the card and background…if necessary use a different card for the front pic and side pic.

6. Why did my measurements change when I processed new images?

We ask that the card be held straight when taking the photos but each time you take a photo there will likely be variations in the angle te card is held at even if you try to hold it perfectly straight. While we make adjustments for small variations in the angle some of the variations will still have a small effect on the measurements but these should not be material.

7. Will I be able to use the app for size recommendations on additional clothing retailers?

Yes, we are working on adding more brands and retailers.