About Us

Fitnonce serves online apparel shoppers, online retailers and brands by delivering solutions that cater to the needs of all three groups in their symbiotic relationship.

You may be surprised to learn that many of the items returned to online fashion retailers never make it back to inventory. Instead, they are burnt or find their way into landfills. This is quite concerning when you think about the fact that it takes 2,700 liters of water or the two-year drinking needs of an average person to grow enough cotton to produce one shirt.

The Fitnonce name is derived from the words “Fit” and “Nonce.” While “Fit” refers to our core offering of helping customers make fashion purchases in optimal sizes, “Nonce” is a blockchain term, which means “the first occurrence.” The combination of these two words expresses our mission of assisting customers in finding the perfect fit right off the bat so they there’s no second guessing and unnecessary returns. We are based in New York City’s financial district.

Our Core Values

Robust Data Privacy

We go to great lengths to ensure data privacy and do not share customer data with any parties outside of ecosystem which include retailers and brands.


With us, there are no secrets or surprises because we are transparent about the way we work, how we generate revenue and how data from online shoppers, brand partners and retailers is used.

Environmental Responsibility

In order to improve our current and future environment, we strive to promote environmentally conscious online fashion shopping. Firstly, we make it easy for customers to find their ideal sizes so they can reduce (or even avoid) the need for returned items that often end up in landfills or incinerators.

Our Founder

Sherwin Brandford

(CEO and Founder)