Fitnonce uses computer vision technology and AI to accurately match apparel shoppers with their correct size. Our platform helps apparel retailers by significantly reducing returns and concurrently improving conversion rates. Poor size and fit is by far the most common reason consumers return apparel purchased online and return rates are stubbornly in the 25% to 30% range.

How It Works

Fitnonce extracts a shopper’s body measurements from pictures using our widget or app and delivers accurate and personalized size recommendations via our pluggin installed on an e-commerce site.

Product Video

Our size recommendation popup shows shopper’s not only their correct size but also assess overall fit quality based on body shape, checks for fit anomalies and also provides a virtual fitting room feature that allows shoppers to see the how apparel fit may change if a larger or smaller size is chosen.

Environmental Responsibility

In order to improve our current and future environment, we strive to promote environmentally conscious online fashion shopping. Firstly, we make it easy for customers to find their ideal sizes so they can reduce (or even avoid) the need for returned items that often end up in landfills or incinerators. But further to this, because ‘fit’ is not the only reason items are returned and returns will always be a part of the shopping experience, we have found way to reward customers to be more environmentally conscious about their return profile.

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